Hawaiian Sunsets- Blue Gray

Hawaiian Sunsets- Blue Gray

I am lucky enough to have recently been in Hawaii, and as part of that adventure I took a fair number of Hawaiian Sunset Photos.  It is my opinion that all hawaiian sunsets are good (because you are in Hawaii) and many are great and trend towards Spectacular.  I could, and sometimes do, sit and take shots of almost every hawaiian sunset I am a part of.  The thing I will try to do though is vary my viewpoint of where I am on the island.  Maui is such a great to do this from because with the number of other nearby islands (Molokai, Lanai, Molakini, and Kahoolawe) its views towards the setting sun have so many different looks.  That and the close view from shore- what I mean there is boats, docks, etc.  You can really compose and frame some great shots.

Blue Gray Focus-

This set of Hawaiian Sunsets captures what I am calling a Blue and Gray theme.  Mostly they are taken before the sun has set and bounces off the clouds, and the air has less of the impurities that gives the sky that red glowing feel.  Not that I can’t head that way by tweaking and messing with the color, tint, and contrast settings.  Some of these I have just tried to accentuate the colors inherent in the shot, others I have really changed to create an entirely different feel- cooler or warmer- than the original photograph.

I think it makes working with the Hawaiian Sunsets a lot of fun and can create some really beautiful photos.  Keep an eye out as I will soon be adding a post featuring those that are Red and Orange, the brightness and color schemes of those are also truly impressive.

I heartily recommend visiting Hawaii if you have not had the opportunity to do so- Tropical, warm, wonderful scenery, and Hawaiian Sunsets!


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