Golden Sunsets of Maui

Golden Sunsets of Maui-

One of the amazing things about Maui sunsets, is that they can vary so much from day to day as well as vantage point to vantage point.  The sunsets I focus on here, which I am calling the Golden Sunsets of Maui, were all taken while at Duke’s Beach House just north of Kaanapali Beach, in the Honua Kai Resort.  We were sitting there looking out from the patio bar at Lanai and Molokai, the sun was going down, clouds had moved in and we were treated to an entirely different sunset experience that the one we had farther south in Lahaina at the Mala Ramp area.

The Golden Sunsets on Maui are unique in that they are all so different- Golden Red. Golden Yellow, all varying depending on the time of year, the amount of Volcano Ash in the air, the clouds and cloud types and where you are on the island.

These I was able to give some additional points of interest to as one of the Catamaran Sailboats was returning to Lahaina Harbor on a Sunset Cruise- I was able to capture is as it crossed in front of the sun, creating a Moon (Sun?) River quality that I felt lucky to get on film.

Additionally, I am able to really bring out the golden sunsets with some of the adjustments I can make using the Aperture program- really getting the colors, and the shadows of the clouds to ‘pop’, and creating greater definition and clarity.  Some of the photos take on an almost ‘storm’ like quality- as the weather looks to be moving in and getting more severe.  Others are softened up to create a bit more of an ethereal feeling with the golds and yellows.  Many different feels and ‘temperatures’ of the various golden sunsets-

I hope you enjoy them!

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