Instagram and other Guilty Pleasures

Instagram and other guilty pleasures

I have become an ‘Instagrammer’- basically taking pictures with my iPhone and then jazzing them up using Instagram or some other photo editing app.  In addition to Instagram I also use DeluxeFX, Pano, and Pic Collage- they all do different things and I get  kick out of each one.  At first I was reluctant to use them and jump on that bandwagon- it wasn’t real photography, it was the ‘easy way out’, it ‘didn’t require a lot of skill, etc.  I had all the cranky old guy response I could use.  I have found though that they are one thing: FUN- and I enjoy showing my pictures and how I see things to (currently not very many) other people!  It feeds my ego, and I like to see what others think of the photos I take.

You know what, photography for me is supposed to fun and relaxing and a way for me to focus on a creative side that I don’t often get to in my real 9 to 5 world.  So why should I not use the tools that are available and do all I can in the limited time allotted to me.

I have become a convert.  Now I post on Facebook, Instagram, and I just set up a Tumblr account- Twitter I imagine is on the way, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!! I am a cranky old guy remember, can’t do too much too fast!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the things I have done here and if you go on to Instagram, you can find me as scottlsmith7- check me out- follow me, ‘Like’ my photos- and get out there and do your own thing- we are being given so many tools to express ourselves through pictures, music and video that the time is now for you to unleash that inner artist!

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